Nice to meet you

I’m Ruthi Isboutsky,

owner of Ruthi Isboutsky , Art and Design Studio

On the path of our forefathers

On the path our forefathers, between the magnificent Judean Hills, in the heart of Gush Etzion, is where you will find my studio; my creative space.  

In our home, my husband, our six precious children, and I, see the return of the Jewish people to their land and feel we a tremendous duty to continue this enterprise by giving, doing and connecting.

In the book of Bereishit Chazal learn the importance of hospitality to guests from Avraham:


Hashem appeared to him in the Mamre Plains while he was sitting at the tent entrance in the heat of the day.

He lifted his eyes and saw: And there! Three men were standing in front of him. He saw them and ran toward them from the entrance of the tent and bowed to the ground.

And he said: My lords, if I have found favor in your eyes, please pass not away from your servant.

(Bereishit, 18: 1-3)


Here at home, and in the studio, we also try to show our guests great hospitality by providing a great meal, a workshop or a personal meeting, where everyone gets to know each other and a very special connection is created.

Art is for everyone

Each of us can be creative.



I create art using different media including clay, material and paper and use different techniques – some I learned and some I developed. 

I provide people with the opportunity to be creative. Anybody can create art in my studio, in the comfort of their own home or wherever else they may choose to be creative.  

I lead workshops and design creative art kits that you can buy online or custom order. All orders are delivered directly to your home.  

If feels like creativity begins here in the Judean Hills and spreads to reach the rest of the world, and it’s beautiful.

I invite you to purchase a kit for your family and friends, visit the studio on your next visit or invite me to do a workshop with you.



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